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Meanwhile, in Rotterdam there are streets were named Arent van ’s Gravesande street and Noorwits street.

Also, there was an addition tos ome names, “Storm” known as “Storm van s’Gravesande”. The explanation fort his follows.

There are, infact, four family names, namely:

- ’s Gravesande

- Schravesande

- van ’s Gravesande

- Storm van ’s Gravesande

No. 1: “ ’s Gravesande” is, thus, the orginal from Graaf van ’t Zand (Count of the Sand).

No. 2: “Schravesande” Based on my father’s research, “Schravesande” is connected to “ ’s Gravesande”. In 1810 no registry of vital statistic existed (which began when Napoleon imported the practice). Before that names were registerd trough ecclesiastic authorities. In the beginning civil workers were not as accurate as later vital statistic registrars, thus there evolved from an “ ‘s Gravesande”a child recorded as “Schravesande”. However, the origin remains that of the orginal “Graaf van ’t Zand” (count of the Sand).

No. 3: In ca. 1540 “Storm” Huygh Cornelisz, mayor of “ ’s Gravezande” died. His children named themselves “van ’s Gravesande”.

No. 4: The van ’s Gravesande’s children named themselves “Storm van ’s Gravesande” afther their grandfather, the mayor. The “Storm van ’s Gravesande” descendant, thus, have absolutely no relation with the orginal “Count of the Sand” It was formerly the custom to take a double name. Today, however, official bans permit only existing hyphenated names.

For instance, the name “van de Wal-Bake”. This family is officially called “Bake”, while the mother is named “van de Wal”. These famillies come from The Hague, and the surrounded area, and the Delft district.

The reason professional geneologists have given so much attension to the name “Schravesande” is that the family tree of Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven (husband of Princess Margriet) goes back to ca. 1000 A.D. where there is an “ ’s Gravesande”. Morever, the first secretary of Prince Willem of Orange also was an “ ‘Gravesande”.

Without additional information, this lineage does not support a claim to historical royalty.

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